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Drug offenses: If cops say your car smells like marijuana

When an Illinois police officer makes a traffic stop, there is no way to predict the ultimate outcome of the situation. Sometimes, an officer will merely issue some type of warning, such as telling a driver to slow down, then be on his or her way. Other times, however, what begins as a minor traffic stop may wind up with one or more people getting arrested and facing charges for suspected drug offenses.

Illinois police search home, resident arrested re drug offenses

When Illinois police suspect someone of a crime, they often pay a surprise visit to that person's home. Homeowners may exercise their personal rights in such situations, which is why it is critical to understand ahead of time what those rights are and how to invoke them. Situations like this often include police appearing with signed warrants, then making arrests for suspected drug offenses after searching a premises.

When holidays are cut short due to charges for drug offenses

Many Illinois residents are currently planning or already enjoying holiday celebrations for 2018. Most can relate to high levels of stress that often accompany the holidays -- some, more than others. If serious personal problems arise, such as marriage trouble or getting arrested for alleged drug offenses or other crimes, it can bring the festive mood of the holidays to a screeching halt.

Convictions re drug offenses can have lasting repercussions

Many Illinois residents understand what it is like to suffer lapses in judgment that wind up having negative consequences in their lives. Most would be quite interested in any and all options that could help minimize long-lasting negative repercussions of such situations, especially regarding legal matters. If a man or woman is charged with drug offenses, the time to start building a strong criminal defense is right from the start.  

Six indicted for suspected drug offenses in Illinois

When police arrest a person on suspicion of a drug crime, he or she will likely face a tremendous challenge in trying to avoid conviction. Prosecutors know how to use aggressive tactics when pursuing convictions for drug offenses. When more than one person has been arrested in conjunction with the same case, as happened recently in Illinois, there is no guarantee that every defendant's outcome will be the same.  

Understanding constructive possession

If you face drug possession charges in Illinois, this is a potentially serious crime for which you could face substantial jail time and fines if convicted. In order to convict you, however, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you actually possessed the drugs that law enforcement officers allege you possessed at the time they arrested you.

Man hauling trailer to Chicago charged with drug offenses

Sometimes Illinois police receive tips that prompt investigations. Such a situation occurred recently when police suspected that a man was trafficking drugs from another state into Illinois. They made an unspecified traffic stop when a pickup pulling a trailer came by, though it is not exactly clear exactly what prompted the police action. Nevertheless, charges for drug offenses soon followed.

Illinois task force operations lead to charges for drug offenses

The U.S. Department of Justice is claiming a supposed victory over illegal drug trafficking in a particular Illinois region. Authorities say they have taken more than 50 people into police custody on the West Side of Chicago. In addition to charges for drug offenses, various charges of kidnapping and illegal possession of firearms have also been filed.  

Debate over marijuana legalization in Illinois marches on

As more states vote to legalize marijuana, many other states feel pressured to address the issue – including Illinois. Though the state legalized medical marijuana back in 2015 (until 2020) and decriminalized marijuana possession under 10 grams in 2016, general recreational use remains illegal under both state and federal law.

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