Your Future After A Drug Possession Charge

A conviction for drug possession carries serious and far-reaching consequences. You may face fines, prison or the forfeiture of your goods or property. Drug possession on your criminal record may prevent you from obtaining adequate employment or qualifying for federal benefits such as student loans or housing.

When facing the uncertainty of a drug possession charge, you want to know there is someone who can come to your defense any time, day or night. The attorneys at Richard F. Blass & Associates, LLC, will be there to aggressively defend your rights.

What Charges Do You Face?

Police will charge you based on the type and amount of substance involved. Drugs fall under categories called Schedules that rank the severity of their possession. Many factors determine whether police will charge you with a felony or misdemeanor. Felony possession of Schedule I drugs, such as heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine, can result in the harshest penalties. However, even misdemeanor charges of possession require skilled defense. The details of drug possession penalties and sentencing can vary depending on the circumstances, and should be discussed with an attorney.

Fighting For Your Rights

Possession charges that stem from a search of your car or person raise concerns about your Fourth Amendment rights. In many cases, drug possession charges result following a police search during a DUI arrest, disorderly conduct or similar investigation. If officers accidentally or intentionally disrespect your right to protection from unlawful search and seizure, the court may reject evidence collected from this search.

We will begin building your defense by examining the circumstances surrounding your arrest and working for the elimination of any evidence obtained through the violation of your rights. Our attorneys bring decades of law enforcement and prosecutorial experience to your defense. With a thorough understanding of the strategies employed by Illinois police and prosecutors, we can build an aggressive and effective drug crime defense.

Don’t Wait To Seek The Advocacy You Need

Our lawyers are ready 24 hours a day to assist those in DuPage, Cook, Kane, DeKalb, Kendall and Will Counties, who face charges of drug possession or related offenses. With your future hanging in the balance, legal support with a unique perspective begins by contacting our Elmhurst, Illinois offices, at 630-782-2000 or by using our online contact form to schedule a free initial appointment.