Swift Defense For Charges Of Driving After A License Suspension

A license suspension may be more than an inconvenience, especially if your job depends on your ability to drive. There are numerous reasons why the secretary of state of Illinois may suspend your driver’s license, including:

  • A DUI conviction
  • Excessive moving violations, including those cited through automated traffic cameras
  • Ten or more unpaid parking tickets
  • Toll violations
  • Failure to appear in traffic court
  • Nonpayment of child support
  • Causing an accident while driving uninsured

If you received a notice that your license is suspended, it’s a good idea to let someone else drive. It’s also a good idea to seek legal counsel as early as possible to avoid compounding the problem.

Potential Penalties

Often, a conviction for driving with a suspended license results in far more than a citation, even if the charge was a misdemeanor. It may not seem like a big deal since you aren’t hurting anyone, but driving on a suspended license is more serious than a minor traffic violation. The skill and efficiency of an experienced attorney can help minimize the negative consequences that you may face, including the following:

  • An extension of your suspension
  • The revocation of your license
  • The seizure of your vehicle
  • Jail time, depending on the number of offenses or the reason for your suspension
  • Community service

Having an attorney to advocate for you may spare you these harsh consequences. The attorneys at Richard F. Blass & Associates, LLC, have many combined years of experience assisting Illinois drivers through the complex legal processes that govern their driving privileges.

We Are Here To Help

After you obtain a copy of your driving record, our lawyers can get to work trying to clear up the court cases, fines or other issues that place your license — and your freedom — on the line. Contact us using our online information form or call us at 630-782-2000 to schedule a free initial consultation at our Elmhurst offices to discuss driver’s license reinstatement or other issues surrounding a revoked license.