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Facing drunk driving charges in Illinois?

Having a drink or two then driving a car does not necessarily mean you have illegally operated a motor vehicle. It also doesn't necessarily mean that you haven't. Illinois law states that blood alcohol content levels of .08 or higher are grounds to file drunk driving charges.

Is it possible to get arrested for drunk driving when you are perfectly sober? Yes, it has happened to many people. In fact, there are numerous factors that can affect things like field sobriety tests or preliminary alcohol screenings at roadside that can make it appear as though you might be intoxicated when, in fact, you're not.

Survey reports high arrest rates in Illinois suburb towns

In Illinois suburban areas, local police departments spend considerable effort arresting people suspected of driving under the influence.

The emphasis placed on apprehending DUI offenders is evident in the annual survey reports for 2018 just released by the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists, reports the Daily Herald.

Criminal defense: Illinois man accused of murder

Illinois police say they found a man in an alley on a recent Wednesday morning who appeared to have a gunshot wound. Police also say that another man, age 50, was detained at the scene. Officers took a firearm into custody that they now believe the man they detained had used to shoot the other man. This is the type of situation that often prompts people to seek criminal defense support.

The man who was shot later died. The 50-year-old is now facing charges for homicide. The judge overseeing the case ordered him to be held in jail without bond.

Illinois criminal defense: Man pleads not guilty to felony theft

Proving that someone stole money over an extended period of time is often quite challenging. In fact, many criminal defense cases are successful because defense attorneys are able to poke holes in the prosecutors' arguments, which typically include claims that evidence exists to show that a particular defendant committed a specific crime. Some Illinois cases never even make it to court because judges dismiss them for insufficient evidence or because a personal rights violation occurred during or following an arrest.

A man who is a former president of a home closely connected to a fraternity from Northwestern University is preparing for a preliminary hearing. He was recently arraigned on a felony theft charge. The state's attorney claims that the 77-year-old man stole more than $400,000 from the Sigma Chi Home Association. 

Not the first time Illinois man has faced drunk driving charges

When an Illinois police officer makes a traffic stop because he or she suspects that a driver is intoxicated, the officer must then determine that there is probable cause to make an arrest. There have been times in the past when someone facing drunk driving charges winds up not having to go to trial due to lack of evidence against him or her in the case. Other situations involve charges that are difficult to overcome, especially those where a defendant is considered a repeat offender.

In situations where the latter is true, it is always a good idea to retain criminal defense assistance before heading to court. An experienced criminal law attorney knows how to build a strong defense to help a defendant try to mitigate his or her circumstances. A man who reportedly turned himself into police after a recent accident is likely thinking about such issues as he prepares for court.

How a DUI will affect your insurance rates

When the police pull you over on suspicion of drunk driving, the trouble is only beginning. Facing charges brings stress and anxiety to your life, while taking away time and money dealing with the criminal justice system. A conviction comes with multiple penalties in and out of the courtroom, including high fines, possible jail time (and thus lost wages or even employment), court fees and family drama.

Another area of your life at risk is how much you pay for auto insurance. It is an easy thing to overlook and may seem insignificant, but the money quickly adds up. 

Holiday weekend will likely produce more drunk driving charges

Illinois police and those across the country are gearing up for Memorial Day weekend. There is typically an increase of collisions, as well as traffic stops resulting in drunk driving charges during this annual holiday celebration. One man was accused of imbibing, then getting behind the wheel. In fact, police say he committed several offenses before, during and after his arrest.

The patrol officer who made the stop reported that he witnessed the driver using a hand-held cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. Police also say the man refused to pull over when the officer initially made an attempt to stop him. To make matters worse, the man is accused of continuing to use his cellphone after he stopped and was being questioned by police.

Penalties for Illinois traffic violations can be quite severe

If you were to survey all licensed drivers in Illinois, many would say they have, at some point in their driving careers, been stopped by a police officer in traffic, for suspected speeding. Nowadays, many towns have installed cameras that photograph the license plate of a vehicle that passes the connected motion sensor at or above a particular speed. At other times, a police officer might pull someone over, and the situation may end with a mere warning to slow down or escalate into a much more serious situation. This is why many people choose to fight tickets for traffic violations.

In this state, if you get a ticket for traveling 34 or more miles per hour above a posted speed limit, you can wind up in jail for nearly a year. A conviction of this sort is classified as an aggravated Class A misdemeanor for speeding. Sitting behind bars for almost a year of your life can cause serious disruption regarding employment, finances and family life. It can harm your personal and professional reputation, as well.

Man facing Illinois drunk driving charges was denied bail

When an Illinois driver is arrested and charged with intoxicated operation of a motor vehicle, he or she is guaranteed the opportunity to refute those charges in court. However, the judge overseeing a particular case may decide to deny bail, meaning the defendant would have to remain in jail while awaiting adjudication. This is what happened in the case of a man who is facing felony drunk driving charges following a recent incident.

collision took place on a recent Friday at approximately 3:30 p.m. involving a passenger who had exited a tractor-trailer on the side of the road. The driver of the semi was reportedly on top of the trailer, inspecting the load. His passenger, a 51-year-old man, had stepped out of the truck and was standing on the side of the highway when a car reportedly struck him.

Criminal defense: Illinois state employee facing charges

When someone in Illinois is charged with a crime, it's not proof of anything. Every defendant is guaranteed the opportunity to contest the formal accusations in court. There are often several criminal defense strategies that may help mitigate certain circumstances, sometimes even to the point of getting a case dismissed.

A 58-year-old woman from downstate has been accused of embezzling more than $160,000 from Illinois State University. She is employed by the state and has been charged with stealing funds from the student center. The woman was arrested on a recent Monday, just after 9 a.m. after she was supposedly caught on film, stuffing money into her clothing.

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