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Man in Illinois facing criminal defense issues in several states

Police say they think a man in Illinois has been acting as a con artist for decades. The man was recently charged with theft by deception in this state. However, it seems there are several warrants out for his arrest related to alleged incidents in other states. The type of criminal defense a person presents often bears significant impact on the ultimate outcome of a particular situation.

The man in question came onto the radar of local police when an elderly person reported that the man had borrowed a lot of money for hotel expenses but had never paid it back. Officials say they believe the man has done this sort of thing many times before. He is accused of pretending to need a wheelchair so that he can gain the sympathy of elderly people.

Convictions re drug offenses can have lasting repercussions

Many Illinois residents understand what it is like to suffer lapses in judgment that wind up having negative consequences in their lives. Most would be quite interested in any and all options that could help minimize long-lasting negative repercussions of such situations, especially regarding legal matters. If a man or woman is charged with drug offenses, the time to start building a strong criminal defense is right from the start.  

An experienced criminal law attorney is a great asset to have on hand at such times. In fact, by allowing an attorney to determine a best course of action, it may be possible to mitigate one's circumstances. For instance, an attorney may be able to recognize when a law enforcement officer has violated someone's personal rights, in which case evidence may be challenged as inadmissible.

Defendants are guaranteed opportunity for criminal defense

A situation is unfolding that involves an alleged string of incidents in Illinois and a neighboring state. Two men have been arrested and are now in need of criminal defense support. Officials are reportedly seeking federal charges even though the men are already charged with state crimes.  

Authorities say police witnessed the two men existing a state preserve. Police claim the men were hauling a large amount of copper wire at the time. There have been several recent reports of copper wire thefts in the area. Police approached the men and ultimately took them into custody.  

4 visual cues police officers use to detect drunk drivers

Police officers are always on the lookout for drunk drivers. They must have probable cause to pull someone over and conduct tests to determine impairment. So how do cops detect drunk drivers?

According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are more than one hundred red flags of drunk driving. Here are some cues that may cause police officers to suspect intoxication. 

Two Illinois men in need of criminal defense

Many Illinois residents can relate to situations where things do not go as planned. For instance, someone might need to be at work by a certain time but is late due to heavy traffic. For two men who were recently spending a day together, a surprise visit from police led to a drastic change in their plans. Each of the men is now in need of criminal defense because they both have been arrested.

One of the men, age 22, is from Lincoln. His 22-year-old acquaintance is from Peoria. They were both at the same residence on a recent Thursday when drug investigators showed up. It seems that the one man was taken into custody because of two outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Six indicted for suspected drug offenses in Illinois

When police arrest a person on suspicion of a drug crime, he or she will likely face a tremendous challenge in trying to avoid conviction. Prosecutors know how to use aggressive tactics when pursuing convictions for drug offenses. When more than one person has been arrested in conjunction with the same case, as happened recently in Illinois, there is no guarantee that every defendant's outcome will be the same.  

Each person charged with a crime has the opportunity to present a defense. One person may choose a strategy that is different from another. Every defendant also has the right to request legal representation. The six people recently arrested are accused of crimes that typically carry severe penalties under conviction.  

Drunk driving charges: Where to seek mitigation support

Perhaps you were driving along an Illinois road after an evening out with friends and a police officer pulled you over, claiming your vehicle had veered over the yellow line a few times. As you thought it best to cooperate as much as possible, you stepped out of your car when asked and even submitted to a field sobriety test. Perhaps the officer arrested you after saying you failed the test. Such situations often lead to drunk driving charges, and if you hope to avoid conviction and preserve your driving privileges, it is critical that you know where to seek support.

During a suspected DUI traffic stop, any number of things can happen to violate your personal rights. Police must adhere to strict procedures regarding what they say and do in such circumstances. If you believe the officer who pulled you over violated your rights, you may be entitled to a case dismissal in court.

No headlights leads to drunk driving charges for man in Illinois

When an Illinois driver gets behind the wheel, he or she is obligated to adhere to all traffic and safety regulations for motor vehicle operations. If a driver fails to do so, it can lead to serious legal problems. An operator error, such as forgetting to turn on headlights when driving at night, might alert a police officer in the area, and result in a traffic stop that could possibly lead to drunk driving charges.

In fact, that is basically what happened to a man who was driving on South LaGrange Road about 10 minutes before midnight on a recent Sunday. An off-duty police officer claims to have witnessed the driver traveling without headlights on. The officer also stated that the vehicle in question was swerving.  

Swatting prank can give Illinois residents more than expected

Prank phone calls have been around almost as long as the phone has, but the newly evolving internet age has made it even easier and more sophisticated for people in Illinois and elsewhere to play jokes they think are harmless and won’t get them in trouble. However, as you may be aware, law enforcement considers swatting anything but harmless, and if caught, you could find yourself facing serious criminal consequences.

Swatting usually makes it into the news when something goes horribly wrong with the prank or it impacts multiple people, but it happens more than you might think. Authorities say that the false police reports known as swatting happen at least 400 times a year across the United States. The prank may involve a caller reporting another person for stockpiling weapons or committing violent acts. It could be a fake bomb threat or it could be one person posing as another and admitting to having committed a serious crime. The common factor in swatting is to lure armed law enforcement or SWAT teams to an unsuspecting target’s address.

E-cigarettes: Avoid criminal defense problems by knowing laws

Vaping is a rising trend in Illinois and throughout the United States. The main device used to participate in a vaping experience is an e-cigarette, an electronic device that vaporizes nicotine to simulate smoking a cigarette. There are numerous vaping device manufacturers and merchants throughout the nation that sell these products both in brick and mortar stores and online. Because there has been quite a bit of controversy associated with e-cigarettes, especially regarding teenagers using such products, those who manufacture or play a role in the consumer supply chain must be aware of applicable laws and regulations to avoid legal trouble that might necessitate a criminal defense.

The electronic cigarette smoking laws of most states are similar to those regulating traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes have been categorized as tobacco products. This means those purchasing such products must show valid picture identification and be age 18 or beyond.

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