Will domestic violence charges affect career opportunities?

Criminal background checks are more common than ever as part of the application process for job seekers. Although every case is unique, a domestic violence charge on your record can have significant consequences for employment opportunities.

Several things contribute to how such a charge affects your future opportunities.

The severity of the charge

The severity of a domestic violence charge factors into its impact on employment. Misdemeanor charges, while still serious, may have less severe consequences. Felony domestic violence convictions often have a more significant impact on employment opportunities.

Background checks and disclosures

Many employers conduct background checks as part of their hiring process. A domestic violence charge, especially a conviction, will likely appear on these checks. Depending on the nature of the job and the employer’s policies, a domestic violence charge may disqualify an applicant from consideration. Some employers have strict policies against hiring individuals with a history of violent offenses, including domestic violence.

Industry-specific consequences

Certain professions, such as those involving work with vulnerable populations, may have more stringent requirements. In these cases, a domestic violence charge can be a significant barrier to employment. Other industries may have more lenient policies, but the charge can still raise concerns that you may need to address in the interview process.

Professional licenses and certifications

For individuals in professions that need licenses or certifications, a domestic violence charge can jeopardize their ability to maintain or secure these credentials. Regulatory boards often consider criminal history when granting or renewing licenses.

Anyone facing a domestic violence charge should understand the potential ramifications and take steps to address the situation.