Domestic Violence Allegations Can Have Lasting Consequences

Being charged with domestic violence is a difficult and potentially embarrassing situation. Many people simply want to do whatever is necessary to make the charges and the troubles go away as quickly as possible. This leads people to make the mistake of not fighting these charges as fully as they should.

Domestic violence charges can create a non expungeable criminal record that can follow you for years and create many challenges, even for something as simple as leasing an apartment. You need to do everything you can to fight domestic violence charges now rather than have them impacting your life for years to come.

You May Be Facing Separate Criminal And Civil Court Proceedings

Domestic violence criminal charges are heard in a criminal court proceeding while issues related to an Order for Protection may be heard in a separate civil court proceeding. You need an attorney who can defend you in both cases. We are skilled at defending people against criminal charges, and we understand what it takes to make sure our clients’ interests are heard in Order Protection Hearings as well.

Is A Department Of Children And Family Services (DCFS) Investigation Part Of The Situation?

Domestic violence charges can easily cause DCFS to open investigations into the possibility of abuse or neglect of children in the home. Not dealing with the DCFS investigation can lead to the removal of your children or even interference with your ability to be around someone else’s children.

Our attorneys have experience dealing with both DCFS hearings and appeals. We’ll work to protect your rights during the process so that you aren’t separated from your children.

The Police Work 24 Hours A Day — So Do We

At Richard F. Blass & Associates LLC, our firm is committed to defending people against domestic violence charges. These charges can lead to so many difficulties in the future that it is imperative that we present a comprehensive defense that deals with all aspects of your case. We have more than 70 years of combined experience crafting the strong cases people need to help them when criminal charges are threatening to upend their futures. We are former prosecutors and police officers. The experience we bring from having served in those roles can be invaluable when trying to pick apart a police investigation or identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s cases against you.

Domestic Violence Lawyers Helping People In Elmhurst And Throughout Illinois

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