Serious Defense For Felony DUI Charges

As serious as a DUI charge is, a felony DUI is that much more serious. If convicted of felony DUI, you could face harsh and lasting consequence, including up to seven years in prison, up to $2,500 in fines and a driver’s license suspension for a minimum of 10 years.

When the stakes are this high, it’s time to put a top defense team on your side. At Richard F. Blass & Associates, LLC, we have more than 70 years of experience defending the rights of individuals accused of committing crimes in Elmhurst, DeKalb, Chicago and throughout the surrounding areas in Illinois.

Our DUI defense lawyers are here to defend your rights 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to guide you through all aspects of the legal process.

Have You Been Charged With Felony DUI?

There are a number of factors that can elevate a misdemeanor DUI charge to a felony DUI charge, including:

  • The defendant has at least two previous offenses on their criminal record.
  • The defendant caused an accident that resulted in the serious bodily injury or death of another.
  • The defendant had a suspended or expired license.
  • The defendant was driving without insurance.

The consequences of a felony drunk driving conviction can go far beyond the criminal. If convicted, you could have problems finding a job, renting an apartment or gaining admission to the school of your choice. You could lose your professional license, including a commercial driver’s license (CDL). You could also lose your right to possess a firearm.

This is why it is so important to enlist the services of an experienced drunk driving defense lawyer. At our law firm, we know how to fight serious DUI charges, and we know how to win. Our deep criminal law experience includes time serving as prosecutors and as a deputy chief of police.

Stressed Out Over Felony DUI Charges? Talk To A Lawyer Who Knows The System.

If you are concerned about having a felony DUI conviction on your record, we are here for you. Our attorneys not only know how to defend against felony DUI charges, but we also take the time to get to know our clients. To speak with a defense lawyer who can help you through all aspects of the legal process, please call our law offices at 630-782-2000 or contact us online.