How badly will one DUI conviction affect my insurance rates?

When faced with DUI charges, one of the biggest concerns you may have is what it may cost you to keep driving. This is especially important if you live a great distance from work and may not have access to adequate public transportation. The good news is that you can absolutely find car insurance after just one DUI. Subsequent DUIs, however, may make you uninsurable to some companies.

Weighing the pros and cons of insurance is how many people determine how much they are willing to invest in fighting the case. In fact, even innocent parties may feel reluctant to clear their names.

What do increases look like after a DUI?

Car insurance premiums tend to spike after a DUI conviction. In fact, NerdWallet estimates that drivers with full coverage auto insurance may pay as much as $92 more, per month, than drivers with no violations. In Illinois, just one DUI can lead to drivers paying an extra $725 in a one-year period for full coverage.

This is steep, but in Hawaii, Michigan and North Carolina, drivers can pay thousands more. How much more you pay may also depend on the insurance company you choose and other factors in your driver’s record.

Are any specific insurance companies cheaper?

To be clear, this article does not endorse any specific auto insurance carrier. However, NerdWallet does identify some insurance companies as more forgiving of a first DUI than others. These include Travelers, Progressive and State Farm. It identifies Safeco as the cheapest option for drivers in Illinois.

Allowing a DUI to become part of your driving record may have other devastating consequences, especially when you are innocent. If you drive for a living, you may lose your job. Examples of affected professions may include delivery drivers, taxi cab drivers and patrolling security officers. If the DUI leads to a criminal conviction or jail time, it may also make it difficult for you to secure good employment, in the future.