Dealing with false domestic violence accusations

Dealing with domestic violence accusations can be extremely stressful, particularly if the accusations are false. Due to the amount of societal disdain for domestic violence, many people do everything they can to get away from the situation while not fighting as hard as they should against the charges.

Any form of domestic violence charge can affect you in serious ways, in everything from getting a job to trying to lease an apartment. If somebody has falsely accused you of domestic violence, you need to protect yourself. According to FindLaw, the most important thing you can do in response to false domestic violence charges is not escalate the situation.

What does “escalate the situation” mean?

Do not react with anger. The false accusations may shock and horrify you. However, if you display any strong emotion your accuser can use your reaction against you. It is better to keep calm, professional, and then stop any form of communication with your accuser except through lawyers.

What else should I do?

Make sure to get in contact with your friends and family and explain what is going on. Since domestic violence is a very serious crime, you want to ensure that your loved ones hear the story from you first and not through gossip. Keeping your family and friends on your side throughout this process is vital.

In addition, make sure that you change all usernames and passwords to your online chat accounts. It is possible for your accuser to so I’m into one of these and attempt to leave a “paper trail” of threatening messages. Having a competent lawyer is also vital for protecting yourself and navigating the court system efficiently.