Traffic violations may result in license points

As people drive, they may sometimes fail to yield or run a stop sign. Some people may think these incidents do not matter if no one got hurt. However, Illinois law takes these traffic violations seriously.

Many people may not know there are different types of traffic violations. FindLaw says that people might receive a non-moving traffic violation if they block a fire hydrant or park in a handicapped spot without a sticker. These violations also include parking at expired meters or having faulty equipment, such as a noisy muffler. People may also commit moving violations. These include reckless driving, speeding and drinking while driving. People also commit this type of violation if they drive with a burnt-out headlight or fail to turn into the right lane.

Points system

When Illinois drivers commit moving violations, they may receive points on their license. According to the State of Illinois, people receive a different number of points depending on the violation. If people are driving too fast for the road conditions, they may receive 10 points on their license. People who drive on the wrong side of the road usually get 20 points. Drivers who follow too closely might receive 25 points. People can also earn points for ignoring traffic signals and passing other vehicles improperly.


People may think that committing one moving violation is not a big deal. However, if drivers receive points on their license for three moving violations in one year, they may lose their license. Law enforcement officials usually consider the type of offenses a driver committed, as well as the driving record. If these offenses carry a low number of points, people may face a license suspension. For offenses worth a higher number of points, law enforcement members might revoke a driver’s license.