What should you not do at a DUI checkpoint?

Illinois is one of the majority of states cracking down on drunk driving. As a result, there is a good chance you will encounter a DUI checkpoint during your travels, especially over a holiday weekend. If you do, FindLaw has a few words of advice pertaining to what not to do at a DUI checkpoint.

The most obvious thing you should not do during your travels is drink and drive. If you refrain from consuming alcohol or using drugs before driving, a DUI checkpoint will serve as little more than an inconvenience. In addition to not drinking before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, you should also avoid keeping beverage containers in the cab of your car. Even a full, closed container may serve as sufficient reasonable suspicion for an officer to pull you over and conduct a field sobriety or breath test.

Do not drive erratically near checkpoints, as erratic driving may also serve as reasonable suspicion for an officer to stop you. The same goes for erratic behavior. If you act strangely or aggressively toward an officer, he or she may have reason to believe you are armed and dangerous.

You should not backtalk to an officer, even if you are just a passenger. In fact, if you talk back as a passenger, the officer may arrest you for obstruction of justice. Though you should know your rights, you should refrain from complaining about them. If you have concerns about your civil rights, discuss them later with your attorney.

Finally, know where your local department plans to set up checkpoints. State law requires law enforcement to notify the public of upcoming DUI roadblocks via publications and broadcasts.