Criminal defense: Illinois man accused of murder

Illinois police say they found a man in an alley on a recent Wednesday morning who appeared to have a gunshot wound. Police also say that another man, age 50, was detained at the scene. Officers took a firearm into custody that they now believe the man they detained had used to shoot the other man. This is the type of situation that often prompts people to seek criminal defense support.

The man who was shot later died. The 50-year-old is now facing charges for homicide. The judge overseeing the case ordered him to be held in jail without bond.

There is a hearing scheduled later this month. Before such hearings, defendants often meet with criminal law attorneys multiple times to discuss strategy options and details about the events that led to their arrests. An experienced attorney can provide guidance and support to a defendant until his or her case is fully processed.

While it is not always possible to avoid conviction, the chances of doing so are definitely higher if one acts alongside criminal defense representation in court. Just because Illinois police make an arrest or seize a particular item from a crime scene does not necessarily mean prosecutors will have enough evidence to convince a judge or jury that the person arrested is guilty of a crime. In cases like this one that involve alleged murder, there is a lot at stake, which is why most people facing such charges request immediate legal support as soon as they are taken into custody.