Penalties for Illinois traffic violations can be quite severe

If you were to survey all licensed drivers in Illinois, many would say they have, at some point in their driving careers, been stopped by a police officer in traffic, for suspected speeding. Nowadays, many towns have installed cameras that photograph the license plate of a vehicle that passes the connected motion sensor at or above a particular speed. At other times, a police officer might pull someone over, and the situation may end with a mere warning to slow down or escalate into a much more serious situation. This is why many people choose to fight tickets for traffic violations.

In this state, if you get a ticket for traveling 34 or more miles per hour above a posted speed limit, you can wind up in jail for nearly a year. A conviction of this sort is classified as an aggravated Class A misdemeanor for speeding. Sitting behind bars for almost a year of your life can cause serious disruption regarding employment, finances and family life. It can harm your personal and professional reputation, as well.

It is often possible to get a violation reduced. In fact, in some cases, if you fight a ticket, you may obtain a full victory in court. Traffic violations can cause points against your driver’s license, which can prompt other negative issues, such as increased insurance premiums or driver’s license suspension. Many drivers believe it is better to legally fight a ticket than to pay it.

Richard F. Blass & Associates, LLC provides strong support to Illinois drivers facing legal problems regarding traffic violations. More than 70 years of combined experience can help build a defense that produces the best possible results. If you get a ticket, you have the right to pay it or fight it. If you choose the latter, you do not have to go it alone in court.