Holiday weekend will likely produce more drunk driving charges

Illinois police and those across the country are gearing up for Memorial Day weekend. There is typically an increase of collisions, as well as traffic stops resulting in drunk driving charges during this annual holiday celebration. One man was accused of imbibing, then getting behind the wheel. In fact, police say he committed several offenses before, during and after his arrest.

The patrol officer who made the stop reported that he witnessed the driver using a hand-held cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. Police also say the man refused to pull over when the officer initially made an attempt to stop him. To make matters worse, the man is accused of continuing to use his cellphone after he stopped and was being questioned by police.

At some point, the driver took several field sobriety tests which police say he did not pass. He also submitted to a preliminary alcohol screening test. Police say they arrested the man after his breath test registered above the legal limit for driving. He is also accused of being verbally aggressive and combative toward police.

Illinois drivers who submit to field sobriety tests will want to clearly understand their rights ahead of time. Various things they do or say during a traffic stop may have legal implications down the line. Many motorists believe it is typically best to cooperate and comply as much as possible with a patrol officer’s requests to take roadside alcohol screening tests of any kind. Anyone facing drunk driving charges may request legal representation before responding to any questions.