When holidays are cut short due to charges for drug offenses

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2018 | Drug Offenses

Many Illinois residents are currently planning or already enjoying holiday celebrations for 2018. Most can relate to high levels of stress that often accompany the holidays — some, more than others. If serious personal problems arise, such as marriage trouble or getting arrested for alleged drug offenses or other crimes, it can bring the festive mood of the holidays to a screeching halt.

A group of young adults ranging in age from 22 to 27 will no doubt have to change any plans they might have made for the holidays because they were arrested on a recent Sunday and are now being held in a county jail. Police paid a visit to a home the three defendants are said to have been renting. They apparently acquired the rental property through a website on the internet.

Police say they have reason to believe the home was being used to conceal a drug trafficking operation. When they went to the property just after 8 p.m., they seized two vehicles and $5,000 in cash. Police also claim they removed approximately 68 pounds of cannabis from the residence in question. 

It takes a lot more than a few statements from Illinois police officers to convict someone of serious drug offenses. Prosecutors must prove their case by showing evidence in court; in cases like this one, they would not only have to show the items police claim to have seized from the property but would also have to prove that the items are actually the drugs they claim them to be. Anyone charged with such crimes is guaranteed an opportunity to present as strong a defense as possible; most defendants ask experienced criminal defense attorneys to help them build their cases.