How can a DUI affect professional licensing?

You worked for years to reach your career goals. Earning an occupational permit involves hundreds of hours of studying and sacrifice. If one night out and poor judgment leads to an arrest for driving under the influence (DUI), could all of that hard work be for nothing?

Depending on your field, a DUI could potentially ruin your livelihood. A few professional license committees hold their members to higher standards.

Medical professionals

People who care for others, such as doctors, nurses or radiologists, are subject to stricter rules. Not only can the state rescind credentials for drunk driving, but it can also do so for ethical or other workplace violations.

Licensing should not be the only concern. Private companies may terminate employees for not adhering to their moral standards. A sullied reputation in any industry can make finding a new job in your field difficult. Healthcare workers should always talk with an experienced attorney who can help represent them with their licensing board. It is crucial to act quickly after an arrest to build your defense case.

Commercial drivers

In Illinois, commercial drivers license holders who commit a first offense DUI will lose their CDL authorization for one year. That punishment is even longer for those who operate hazardous waste vehicles. A year or more without an income can be devastating. But a second offense DUI will result in the career-ending lifetime loss of a CDL.

Staying sober behind the wheel will protect your personal and professional well-being. DUI arrests could lead to job loss, license revocation and personal embarrassment.