How can a DUI affect insurance rates in Illinois?

An arrest for driving under the influence in Illinois can result in serious legal consequences, including fines, loss of your license and possible jail time. When you regain your driving privileges, you will also experience a significant increase in insurance rates.

Review the research about the expected rise in auto insurance premiums after a DUI in Illinois.

Looking at the numbers

Auto insurance website The Zebra studied the data about post-DUI insurance rate increases. Illinois drivers who have had a DUI pay an average of $1,968 per year for auto insurance, compared to $1,303 for drivers who have a clean record. In other words, your rates could rise by about 51% after a DUI. In contrast, the average insurance rate increase across the U.S. is 65% after a DUI, from $1,548 to $2,556.

Saving on auto insurance

If you have a DUI or other issues in your driving history that make it difficult to find affordable coverage, shopping around for rates can help you save on legal insurance. The Zebra report found that State Farm offered the lowest average rates for Illinois drivers who have had a DUI, followed by Country, GEICO, Progressive, Farmers and American Family. Driving a more affordable vehicle and reducing your coverage amounts can also help reduce your premiums. Check for better prices every six months to a year to find lower rates.

You can expect to pay higher auto insurance rates for three to seven years after a DUI conviction. Maintaining a good driving record during that time can help you qualify for more affordable rates.