Should college students worry about first time DUIs?

Illinois college students like you use your college years to experience life. You do as many scholastic things as possible. You go out on a limb in social situations. Many college students also take risks. But some risks are never worth it.

This includes drinking and driving. You may think a DUI is no big deal if it is your first. But a conviction has the ability to alter your entire career path.

Financial repercussions of a DUI

The College Investor discusses ways a DUI conviction may alter your college career. It can even change your career path after. For college career, you may end up unable to continue attending. This is not due to the college expelling you. In fact, it is rare for a college to expel a student for a DUI conviction. This does happen. In most cases, there are other charges besides DUI involved. An example is vehicular manslaughter.

Rather, a college may cut your financial support. If you rely on a scholarship, they may end it. They may also bar you from using on-campus housing. This means you must turn to off-campus housing. At the rate apartments cost, you may not have the money to continue.

Career paths may close to you

For your career, a DUI blocks your path to a lot of jobs. Some of the most common examples include child-care positions or commercial driving positions. You will not get your commercial driver’s license (CDL) with a DUI on record. Other examples include teaching positions or government positions. If your job involves handling confidential information, you might find that unavailable, too. These are life-changing repercussions for a split-second decision.