What does a vehicle interlocking device do?

If caught driving under the influence in Illinois, it may result in more than one type of consequence. The convictions and punishments vary based on the circumstances of the stop, including things like an existing criminal record, the level of intoxication and the driver’s recklessness.

When someone faces a DUI conviction for the first time, the court requires the use of an ignition interlock device. If unfamiliar with this type of deterrent, pay attention. Learn what this tool is and how courts use it to monitor driving activities after a DUI.

The interlock requires a breath sample

An ignition interlock device is an electronic unit that a professional must install on the driver’s side of the vehicle. It makes it impossible to start and drive the car without a breath sample from the driver. The purpose of the tool is to ensure that the DUI offender does not attempt to drink and drive again. The offender must pay for the installation and monthly fee to service the device. Part of the standard punishment for a DUI is paying a variety of fees and fines.

The device records the test

Do not think that you will unlock an interlock device with another person’s breath. The computer takes a picture each time a breath test occurs. It also keeps track of every sample, and if one is positive for the presence of alcohol, the unit will not unlock. Thus, the driver cannot use the car to go anywhere. An interlock must go in every vehicle the offender drives.

An ignition interlock device is an inconvenience. Once the offending person finishes out the term of the sentence, the unit can go back to the company that installed it.