DUI charges and protecting your child’s future

If you are the parent of a teen, our law office knows that daily life likely presents different challenges. This is a turbulent time in a young person’s life and in some instances, additional and unexpected problems come up. For example, many teens are charged with driving under the influence, even if they only have a relatively small amount of alcohol in their system. At Richard F. Blass & Associates LLC, we are aware that DUI charges shatter the lives of many young people in Illinois and it is imperative for parents to step in and serve as a source of support.

In the wake of a drunk driving case, many parents become frustrated with their children. Some blame them for their actions without understanding the various factors that led to the charges. Peer pressure, as well as the consumption of very small amounts of alcohol due to zero-tolerance laws, play a role in many young drivers facing these allegations. Moreover, some are wrongly accused of drunk driving due to various factors such as consuming certain foods and sobriety tests are not always conducted properly, either.

For a teen, drunk driving charges threaten their social life, their education and even their future career options. Parents need to do everything in their power to protect their child’s future and support them through this tough time. It is important for parents to show a certain level of understanding and offer support. Please read our DUI page to go over more information related to underage DUI charges. Furthermore, do not lose hope and make your teen fend for themselves during this hard time.