How much does an Illinois DUI affect auto insurance rates?

Even as a first-time Illinois drunk driving offender, you can expect to face substantial penalties and repercussions if a judge or jury convicts you of the crime, and many of the repercussions you will face will take a considerable financial toll. Even first-time Illinois DUI offenders may have to pay as much as $2,500 in fines, alone, and, unfortunately, the financial repercussions do not go away once you begin driving again.

Instead, notes that you can bet on paying significantly more for automotive insurance once your insurance company knows that you drink and drive. Furthermore, in some cases, you may struggle to find an insurance provider willing to extend you coverage at all. Why? Once you have a drunk driving conviction, your insurer will undoubtedly see you as more of a liability than you were prior, and the company will likely expect you to pay up accordingly.

Just how much can you expect your car insurance annual premiums to increase after a judge or jury convicts you of drinking and driving? Illinois motorists who have drunk driving convictions on their records can expect to see some of the country’s biggest insurance rate hikes once they regain the right to drive.

Once you have a DUI conviction, you can plan to pay somewhere in the ballpark of $2,182 each year for insurance coverage. Beforehand, if your driving record was fairly typical, you probably paid about $1,176 for car insurance, so your annual premiums probably rose about 86%, or $1,006, annually.

This copy about automotive insurance rate hikes after an Illinois DUI is meant for educational purposes and does not constitute legal advice.