Even responsible drinking can lead to DUI charges

When people hear that someone was charged with driving drug, they may have a number of ideas come to mind. They may picture a driver who is reckless and out of control, driving while very intoxicated and unable to control their vehicle. However, it is important to point out that even responsible drinking can lead to DUI charges. For example, consuming only one alcoholic drink could put someone over the legal limit and completely change the course of their life, even though they are typically a very responsible and careful person.

There are a lot of reasons why seemingly responsible drinking can lead to these charges. For example, someone may attend a party with friends or family members, and they may have a single drink. However, not realizing that the alcohol content was higher due to hard liquor being mixed into the cocktail, their blood alcohol content level may surpass the legal limit. Or, someone may have a single drink while their stomach is empty or be unfamiliar with the way in which alcohol affects their body.

If you consider yourself to be a responsible drinker, you should still be aware that if your blood alcohol content level is over the legal limit while you are driving, your life may be thrown upside down. Moreover, many people who do not drink often or consider themselves to be very cautious individuals can be especially devastated by DUI charges. For example, their loved ones, friends and colleagues may be completely shocked to hear about the allegations and they may have a particularly hard time dealing with their case.