Man in trouble in 2 states will need strong criminal defense

Illinois police have been looking for a particular man because they say he violated parole regulations. They also listed the man as armed and dangerous. A recent string of incidents in another state led to the man’s arrest. He is now in need of criminal defense in this state as well as another.

Police officers in another state say they chased the man in a vehicle pursuit at one point. They also say he was involved in a foot chase, where officers had to run through a swamp to stay in pursuit. The 41-year-old was ultimately arrested on suspicion of a series of car thefts that had occurred in the area this past summer. Overall, he was charged for 11 different crimes. Police entered a home where the man was and said he tried to flee without shoes or a shirt on, but officers stationed outside the house apprehended him.

Police claim the man admitted to stealing the cars. He will likely be brought back to Illinois at some point to address the parole violation issues and other legal problems. In both states, as in all criminal cases throughout the country, he will be granted an opportunity to refute the charges against him.

At the time of this writing, the man was being held in the state where he was recently arrested without bail as a suspected fugitive from justice from Illinois. One of the first logical steps to take under such circumstances is to request criminal defense representation. Such defense is often a key factor toward obtaining the most favorable possible outcome.