Facing drunk driving charges in Illinois?

Having a drink or two then driving a car does not necessarily mean you have illegally operated a motor vehicle. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that you haven’t. Illinois law states that blood alcohol content levels of .08 or higher are grounds to file drunk driving charges.

Is it possible to get arrested for drunk driving when you are perfectly sober? Yes, it has happened to many people. In fact, there are numerous factors that can affect things like field sobriety tests or preliminary alcohol screenings at roadside that can make it appear as though you might be intoxicated when, in fact, you’re not.

In most situations, if police think they have probable cause to make an arrest you, they will and you will have to sort out the legalities later. If you wind up facing criminal charges for driving under the influence of alcohol, it is critical (whether you were sober or had consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel) to know what your rights are and how to protect them. That’s why most people facing charges immediately seek criminal defense support.

Conviction for drunk driving charges would mean you have a criminal record, not a traffic violation or points on your driver’s license although you might have those, as well. It may be possible to mitigate your circumstances if an Illinois police officer takes you into custody on suspicion of drunk driving. Richard F. Blass & Associates, LLC is committed to providing strong support those in this state who are trying to obtain the best possible outcomes they can when prosecutors have filed criminal charges against them. If you’re in need of legal guidance, you can request a consultation at any time.