Not the first time Illinois man has faced drunk driving charges

When an Illinois police officer makes a traffic stop because he or she suspects that a driver is intoxicated, the officer must then determine that there is probable cause to make an arrest. There have been times in the past when someone facing drunk driving charges winds up not having to go to trial due to lack of evidence against him or her in the case. Other situations involve charges that are difficult to overcome, especially those where a defendant is considered a repeat offender.

In situations where the latter is true, it is always a good idea to retain criminal defense assistance before heading to court. An experienced criminal law attorney knows how to build a strong defense to help a defendant try to mitigate his or her circumstances. A man who reportedly turned himself into police after a recent accident is likely thinking about such issues as he prepares for court.

The man is alleged to have struck a pedestrian of minor age while driving on road near his home. Police claim that they found his wallet and identification information after he supposedly abandoned his vehicle and left the scene on foot. The child who suffered injuries in the collision is expected to achieve a full recovery.

Illinois police say they believe the man’s friends convinced him to turn himself in. He is now facing drunk driving charges in addition to several felony counts. Authorities say the man has a history of similar traffic and criminal violations. Motorists facing similar situations will undoubtedly have their work cut out for them to try to preserve their freedom and retain their driving privileges. An experienced criminal defense attorney would logically be the person to call to discuss a best course of action in such circumstances.