Illinois police search home, resident arrested re drug offenses

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2019 | Drug Offenses

When Illinois police suspect someone of a crime, they often pay a surprise visit to that person’s home. Homeowners may exercise their personal rights in such situations, which is why it is critical to understand ahead of time what those rights are and how to invoke them. Situations like this often include police appearing with signed warrants, then making arrests for suspected drug offenses after searching a premises.

That is basically how recent events unfolded at one man’s house. The 34-year-old was reportedly at home when local police officers, accompanied by a state police SWAT unit, arrived at his doorstep. A search took place and concluded with the man being arrested and taken to a county jail.

Drug task force officials say the investigators who went to the man’s house several weeks ago on a Friday seized more than a gram of cocaine. Of course, without proper laboratory testing, there is no way to formally establish that a particular substance is, in fact, cocaine. Authorities also say police and SWAT members found 18 grams of cannabis at the man’s house, as well as $16,000 in cash. In addition to seizure of these alleged items, investigators also took a motor vehicle parked on the property into their custody.

Facing charges for drug offenses in Illinois can result in severe penalties if things do not go well when a case is fully adjudicated. However, not every arrest leads to conviction. Many defendants obtain positive results when they ask experienced criminal defense attorneys to represent them in court.