New Year DUI statistics

Every year, New Year’s Eve celebrations coincide with a dramatic spike in DUI arrests and car accidents. If you are planning to consume alcohol while ringing in the new year, it is vital for you to know about the risks. A DUI accident can cause injuries and fatalities to others, along with a criminal conviction involving fines, jail time and license restrictions.

Here are some sobering DUI statistics and tips for staying safe as you celebrate the new year.

DUI and alcohol statistics

These facts and figures about drunk driving showcase the severity of the situation:

  • There are 2.4 times more drunk driving fatalities on New Year’s Day
  • There are 25,000 injuries from drunk driving accidents from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day
  • 70 percent of drunk driving fatalities over the holiday season are because of motorists with a BAC of 0.15 percent or higher
  • 51 percent of drunk drivers admit they consume more alcohol during the holidays in comparison to other times of the year

When you feel the temptation to drive after your New Year’s Eve party, keep these statistics in mind.

A guide to avoiding a new year DUI

No one wants to ring in the new year in a jail cell or with the guilt of causing harm to someone else. However, you can still drink alcohol during your celebrations. Here are some guidelines for staying responsible during your New Year’s Eve party:

  • Choose a trustworthy sober driver
  • Call a cab
  • Use Uber or Lyft via your smartphone
  • Book a hotel or motel
  • Stay overnight with a friend or relative
  • Consume food to slow the absorption of alcohol

It is best to make transportation arrangements before you begin celebrating so that you have less of a chance of driving while intoxicated.

Keep this information in mind as you celebrate a safe, healthy and happy new year.