Man in Illinois facing criminal defense issues in several states

Police say they think a man in Illinois has been acting as a con artist for decades. The man was recently charged with theft by deception in this state. However, it seems there are several warrants out for his arrest related to alleged incidents in other states. The type of criminal defense a person presents often bears significant impact on the ultimate outcome of a particular situation.

The man in question came onto the radar of local police when an elderly person reported that the man had borrowed a lot of money for hotel expenses but had never paid it back. Officials say they believe the man has done this sort of thing many times before. He is accused of pretending to need a wheelchair so that he can gain the sympathy of elderly people.

The man supposedly strikes up friendships with people in churches and other areas, then asks for money to help him meet his expenses. Police say the man has at least six warrants out for his arrest in multiple states, including Texas and Florida. He is currently being held in jail without bond.

Even when someone is facing multiple charges for similar crimes, it does not necessarily mean the type of criminal defense strategy used will be exactly the same in each case. Most defendants ask experienced criminal law attorneys to take their cases so they can help them determine which courses of action stand the best chances for obtaining positive outcomes. Anyone in Illinois in need of such advice can reach out for legal support at any time.