Defendants are guaranteed opportunity for criminal defense

A situation is unfolding that involves an alleged string of incidents in Illinois and a neighboring state. Two men have been arrested and are now in need of criminal defense support. Officials are reportedly seeking federal charges even though the men are already charged with state crimes.  

Authorities say police witnessed the two men existing a state preserve. Police claim the men were hauling a large amount of copper wire at the time. There have been several recent reports of copper wire thefts in the area. Police approached the men and ultimately took them into custody.  

The theft reports state that copper wire has been stolen from community light poles and a baseball field as well. Of course, just because someone is walking along while carrying copper wire does not necessarily mean the person has committed a crime. As in all situations where criminal charges are filed, the two defendants in this case are guaranteed the opportunity to present as strong a defense as possible in court.  

Police say that, not only do they suspect these men of copper wire theft, but they believe others may be involved as well. In Illinois and beyond, the type of criminal defense support employed typically has a lot to do with the ultimate outcome of a given situation. As it stands, the two men in this case, ages 30 and 23, are currently sitting behind bars, awaiting the next step in the adjudication process. While they are facing similar charges, it does not necessarily mean the outcomes of the two cases will be exactly the same.