Six indicted for suspected drug offenses in Illinois

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2018 | Drug Offenses

When police arrest a person on suspicion of a drug crime, he or she will likely face a tremendous challenge in trying to avoid conviction. Prosecutors know how to use aggressive tactics when pursuing convictions for drug offenses. When more than one person has been arrested in conjunction with the same case, as happened recently in Illinois, there is no guarantee that every defendant’s outcome will be the same.  

Each person charged with a crime has the opportunity to present a defense. One person may choose a strategy that is different from another. Every defendant also has the right to request legal representation. The six people recently arrested are accused of crimes that typically carry severe penalties under conviction.  

Several counts of possession and distribution of cocaine and heroin have been filed against the six defendants, whose ages range from 23 to 42. Each of them may face anywhere from five to 40 years behind bars if the court rules in favor of the prosecution. An early September date was set for one of the defendants to appear in federal court.  

It is always a good idea to rely on an experienced criminal defense attorney when facing charges for drug offenses in Illinois or elsewhere. An attorney can thoroughly review the events leading up to and following an arrest to determine if there are grounds for challenging evidence in court. Even if a case goes all the way to trial, having an attorney by one’s side can make such situations a lot less stressful.