Drunk driving charges: Where to seek mitigation support

Perhaps you were driving along an Illinois road after an evening out with friends and a police officer pulled you over, claiming your vehicle had veered over the yellow line a few times. As you thought it best to cooperate as much as possible, you stepped out of your car when asked and even submitted to a field sobriety test. Perhaps the officer arrested you after saying you failed the test. Such situations often lead to drunk driving charges, and if you hope to avoid conviction and preserve your driving privileges, it is critical that you know where to seek support.

During a suspected DUI traffic stop, any number of things can happen to violate your personal rights. Police must adhere to strict procedures regarding what they say and do in such circumstances. If you believe the officer who pulled you over violated your rights, you may be entitled to a case dismissal in court.

You may also have suffered a momentary lapse of judgment when you got behind the wheel to drive after having a beer or two. You may even have immediately regretted your decision and were about to pull off the road and call for a ride when the red and blue lights began flashing in your rear view mirror. Especially if you have no past convictions on your record, you may be able to minimize the consequences of your current situation if you know how to build a strong defense.

Richard F. Blass & Associates, LLC has been helping Illinois motorists fight drunk driving charges and other criminal allegations for more than 70 years. Our experienced legal team has also worked on the prosecution side of the criminal justice system as well as the police force. This background provides valuable insight as to the strategies and tactics prosecutors may try to use against you in court. We are prepared to advocate on your behalf to achieve the best possible result.