Illinois man facing criminal defense issues re high-speed driving

Facing conviction for a misdemeanor in Illinois or elsewhere can have immediate and long-lasting negative consequences in a person’s life. In most states, a class A misdemeanor is the most serious classification of misdemeanor crimes, usually punishable under conviction by up to a full year in jail. Substantial fines are also often included in sentencing. A man who was recently traveling in Cedar Lake is likely preparing his criminal defense regarding a particular incident that resulted in a class A misdemeanor charge.  

A police officer says he was on his way to work when a vehicle allegedly blew past him, traveling at an obviously high rate of speed. The officer claims he was able to target the vehicle with his radar device. He also reported that the device registered a speed that exceeded the posted limit by more than 90 mph.  

It is difficult to imagine that a car could travel at such a high rate of speed without wrecking. However, the officer says he pursued the vehicle and that the driver eventually pulled over and came to a full stop. The driver supposedly gave a very nonchalant reply when the officer asked him why he had been driving so fast.  

There were at least three passengers in the man’s vehicle when the Illinois police officer pulled him over. One of them was a minor. This will likely compound the man’s challenge of trying to avoid conviction. Like all Illinois drivers charged with class A misdemeanors, however, he is guaranteed the opportunity to present a strong criminal defense.