E-cigarettes: Avoid criminal defense problems by knowing laws

Vaping is a rising trend in Illinois and throughout the United States. The main device used to participate in a vaping experience is an e-cigarette, an electronic device that vaporizes nicotine to simulate smoking a cigarette. There are numerous vaping device manufacturers and merchants throughout the nation that sell these products both in brick and mortar stores and online. Because there has been quite a bit of controversy associated with e-cigarettes, especially regarding teenagers using such products, those who manufacture or play a role in the consumer supply chain must be aware of applicable laws and regulations to avoid legal trouble that might necessitate a criminal defense.

The electronic cigarette smoking laws of most states are similar to those regulating traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes have been categorized as tobacco products. This means those purchasing such products must show valid picture identification and be age 18 or beyond.

E-cigarettes are restricted to people age 18 and older because they contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance. Also, the vapor released into the atmosphere is potentially harmful to human health due to benzene, formaldehyde and carcinogens contained therein. Some business owners have posted “no vaping” signs alongside “no smoking” signs inside restaurants and other establishments.

Lawsuits have been filed against certain e-cigarette manufacturers, claiming they are intentionally targeting teenagers in their marketing programs. Business people who make or sell vaping products must adhere to the strict regulations that govern the sale of tobacco products. Violations could result in the need for a criminal defense. Any business owner, salesperson or manufacturer currently facing such problems in Illinois may reach out for legal support at any time.