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Man in trouble in 2 states will need strong criminal defense

Illinois police have been looking for a particular man because they say he violated parole regulations. They also listed the man as armed and dangerous. A recent string of incidents in another state led to the man's arrest. He is now in need of criminal defense in this state as well as another.

Criminal defense: Illinois man accused of murder

Illinois police say they found a man in an alley on a recent Wednesday morning who appeared to have a gunshot wound. Police also say that another man, age 50, was detained at the scene. Officers took a firearm into custody that they now believe the man they detained had used to shoot the other man. This is the type of situation that often prompts people to seek criminal defense support.

Illinois criminal defense: Man pleads not guilty to felony theft

Proving that someone stole money over an extended period of time is often quite challenging. In fact, many criminal defense cases are successful because defense attorneys are able to poke holes in the prosecutors' arguments, which typically include claims that evidence exists to show that a particular defendant committed a specific crime. Some Illinois cases never even make it to court because judges dismiss them for insufficient evidence or because a personal rights violation occurred during or following an arrest.

Criminal defense: Illinois state employee facing charges

When someone in Illinois is charged with a crime, it's not proof of anything. Every defendant is guaranteed the opportunity to contest the formal accusations in court. There are often several criminal defense strategies that may help mitigate certain circumstances, sometimes even to the point of getting a case dismissed.

Criminal defense: When a juvenile is tried as an adult

Every state has its own laws regarding issues that might warrant a juvenile being tried as an adult. In Illinois, if a minor has had his or her sixteenth birthday, there are certain situations that may activate criminal charges that would be adjudicated in the court system for adults. In fact, a 17-year-old is currently preparing a criminal defense regarding similar circumstances.

Illinois man focused on criminal defense after drug charges

Illinois police often show up at someone's house if they suspect that one or more residents inside may have committed a crime. Often, officers will ask to be allowed in to have a look around. It is critical that anyone who encounters police in this manner understands his or her personal rights and also where to seek a criminal defense attorney if a problem arises.

Celebrating Richard Blass’s 7th nomination to Super Lawyers list

Richard F. Blass & Associates, LLC is pleased to announce that founding attorney Richard F. Blass has been included in the 2019 Super Lawyers list in Illinois. This marks Mr. Blass’s 7th time being honored by Super Lawyers, having been nominated twice on the Rising Stars list and appearing on the Super Lawyers list for Illinois every year since 2015.

Theft charges prompt a need for criminal defense in Illinois

Sometimes packages arriving by delivery are delayed for various reasons. In a recent situation in Illinois, before a recipient took possession of an arriving package, it was stolen from the homeowner's front porch. Two people were accused of taking the package and are likely now focused on preparing a criminal defense as they face charges for theft.  

Man in Illinois facing criminal defense issues in several states

Police say they think a man in Illinois has been acting as a con artist for decades. The man was recently charged with theft by deception in this state. However, it seems there are several warrants out for his arrest related to alleged incidents in other states. The type of criminal defense a person presents often bears significant impact on the ultimate outcome of a particular situation.

Defendants are guaranteed opportunity for criminal defense

A situation is unfolding that involves an alleged string of incidents in Illinois and a neighboring state. Two men have been arrested and are now in need of criminal defense support. Officials are reportedly seeking federal charges even though the men are already charged with state crimes.  

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