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July 2018 Archives

E-cigarettes: Avoid criminal defense problems by knowing laws

Vaping is a rising trend in Illinois and throughout the United States. The main device used to participate in a vaping experience is an e-cigarette, an electronic device that vaporizes nicotine to simulate smoking a cigarette. There are numerous vaping device manufacturers and merchants throughout the nation that sell these products both in brick and mortar stores and online. Because there has been quite a bit of controversy associated with e-cigarettes, especially regarding teenagers using such products, those who manufacture or play a role in the consumer supply chain must be aware of applicable laws and regulations to avoid legal trouble that might necessitate a criminal defense.

Illinois man facing criminal defense issues re high-speed driving

Facing conviction for a misdemeanor in Illinois or elsewhere can have immediate and long-lasting negative consequences in a person's life. In most states, a class A misdemeanor is the most serious classification of misdemeanor crimes, usually punishable under conviction by up to a full year in jail. Substantial fines are also often included in sentencing. A man who was recently traveling in Cedar Lake is likely preparing his criminal defense regarding a particular incident that resulted in a class A misdemeanor charge.  

Understanding constructive possession

If you face drug possession charges in Illinois, this is a potentially serious crime for which you could face substantial jail time and fines if convicted. In order to convict you, however, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you actually possessed the drugs that law enforcement officers allege you possessed at the time they arrested you.

Man hauling trailer to Chicago charged with drug offenses

Sometimes Illinois police receive tips that prompt investigations. Such a situation occurred recently when police suspected that a man was trafficking drugs from another state into Illinois. They made an unspecified traffic stop when a pickup pulling a trailer came by, though it is not exactly clear exactly what prompted the police action. Nevertheless, charges for drug offenses soon followed.

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