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June 2018 Archives

Illinois task force operations lead to charges for drug offenses

The U.S. Department of Justice is claiming a supposed victory over illegal drug trafficking in a particular Illinois region. Authorities say they have taken more than 50 people into police custody on the West Side of Chicago. In addition to charges for drug offenses, various charges of kidnapping and illegal possession of firearms have also been filed.  

Criminal defense may hinge on events prior to arrest

No Illinois motorist wants to think about getting pulled over on the way home from work or after a night out with friends. Many people stop off to have a beer during their travels and that can surely complicate matters if a police officer detects the smell of alcohol on a person's breath. If he or she uses a breath test device to confirm a suspicion, the person driving may wind up needing a strong criminal defense.  

Debate over marijuana legalization in Illinois marches on

As more states vote to legalize marijuana, many other states feel pressured to address the issue – including Illinois. Though the state legalized medical marijuana back in 2015 (until 2020) and decriminalized marijuana possession under 10 grams in 2016, general recreational use remains illegal under both state and federal law.

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